Expanding Relationships with Vector Design Company

Today Showroom and Vector, a contemporary Danish furniture designer and maker, announce plans to expand their relationship to the Americas and Asia Pacific. Building on their successful collaboration in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Showroom will offer an exclusive curated collection of Vector designs, including sofas, armchairs and tables, to customers throughout North America and Asia Pacific. The collection will be available in the fall of 2018 in North America and in early 2019 in Asia Pacific. This Vector collection complements an extensive, growing Showroom portfolio that gives customers easy access to more choices with delivery by the largest and most reliable dealer network in the industry.

“Since we launched our relationship with Vector in Europe last year, we’ve heard from architects, designers and clients that are eager to have access to their furnishings in North America and Asia Pacific. We’re thrilled to bring the superior craftmanship, creative excellence, sophistication and beauty of Vector products to more workplaces around the world,” said Erik Girard, vice president of global marketing for Showroom. “This expanded relationship provides our customers with convenient access to a breadth of design choices, supported by reliable, commercial distribution.”

Inspired by its Nordic heritage, Vector creates atmospheres built on warmth and bold, luxurious materials. The Vector design team presents its collection in its design stores in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland with online sales to all EU countries.

“We’re incredibly excited about this extended relationship with Showroom that brings the best of our new Scandinavian designs to more offices around the world,” said Tyson Nemeth, CEO, Vector. “Creativity is at the heart of our unique collections. Together with Showroom, we’re creating inspiring places to work around the globe.”

Showroom collaborates with a diverse network of forward-thinking partners around the world. These partners enrich its offering, contribute to continuous learning and promise greater value to Showroom customers.